Feb 27 • 13M

AUDIO: Everyone's a Genius, Everyone's a Lemming

And other epiphanies from the book everyone's reading.

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Caroline Cala Donofrio
Interviews, stories, and assorted musings on the messy business of being human.
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Every time I see it, I think it should be called The Tao of Boob. I know that’s a record. But we see what we see.

As promised, here are some of my favorite gems from The Creative Act:

“It’s helpful to work as if the project you’re engaged in is bigger than you.”

“When we sit down to work, remember that the outcome is out of our control. If we are willing to take each step into the unknown with grit and determination, carrying with us all of our collected knowledge, we will ultimately get to where we’re going. This destination may not be one we’ve chosen in advance. It will likely be more interesting.”

“The magic is not in the analyzing or the understanding. The magic lives in the wonder of what we do not know.

There are also many takeaways for those who may not identify as creators. Managers, collaborators, team members, and traders of feedback, take note:

“When sharing observations, specificity creates space. It dissipates the level of emotional charge and enables us to work together in s…

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